Does your chart look like any of the types below?

The FireTwat

The FireTwat leaves no trace, comes into the world with nothing and leaves with nothing. They invest all their savings and have steady growth until retirement with no major sales or purchases.

The Home Owner
firetwat the home owner

The Home Owner... owns a home. Most of their savings are put into property, they have a low bottom line until the sale of their property propels them past their Legacy Target.

The Supersaver
firetwat supersaver

This is the ideal FIRE goal. The Supersaver is able to easily reach their FIRE and Forget target and leave plenty of leeway for unexpected purchases and costs during retirement.

The Successful Parent

The Successful Parent is a Supersaver before they have children.

N.B. The targets do no take into account Future Credits/Debits. This is an example where you can see the effects of future costs on your early retirement targets.

The Lucky One
firetwat The Lucky One

The Lucky One is unable to achieve their FIRE targets by themselves but is expecting a large wealth injection - perhaps as a gift or inheritance.

The Norm
firetwat The Norm

Achieving a FIRE goal is a difficult task, and more often than not life will happen and knock you off course. Many people have a FIRE dream when they are younger but soon realise that their savings targets, outgoings and/or return-on-investments were unrealistic, or they will get new priorities such as having a family. The Norm saves steadily over their career but ultimately does not retire early.